Mudster pneumatic differential (1)

Mudster pneumatic differential

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Heavy-duty differential that works like a regular one when not engaged and turns into a 100% locked differential at the touch of a button.

The differential lock is produced pneumatically, with the help of a special compressor that ensures the necessary air pressure. When coupled, the air pressure activates a ring-shaped piston that locks the satellites and when uncoupled, the compressed air is removed from the ducts, allowing the high-performance springs behind the ring to return the differential to its initial state.

It is mounted instead of the factory differential of the car.

The kit includes the differential, one of the differential bearings, the Heavy Duty compressor, the air tank, the electrical installation with all the necessary accessories (fuses, buttons, etc.) and the pneumatic accessories (plugs, hose, etc.).

The switches for operating the compressor and the locker are mounted at the driver's disposal, on board.

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